Attunement – At One With Life

Attunement describes a state of being, a spiritual discipline and a way of healing with life energy. It is a non-touch approach to releasing a radiant current of blessing. Attunement re-emerged as a spiritual healing technology in 1929 through the vision and perception of Lloyd Arthur Meeker who wrote and spoke under his spiritual name, Uranda. Although there are specific techniques and vibrational contacts points used in a healing session, Attunement does not depend on technique. It is best defined as the radiant current that results from “letting love radiate” while maintaining a clear consciousness of identity in the Creator. Attunement creates a vivid, immediate heightening of the life current within the individual and into their world. A deep sense of peace, stillness and unconditional love accompany the Attunement experience. Attunement is truly wholistic in its approach – its goal is to increase the quality and flow of life energy through inner centering and balance rather than fighting disease. There are Attunement practitioners, teachers and classes around the world, and there is a vibrant Attunement community in the Kansas City area.

Ethics play a key role in the Attunement process. Attunement Practitioners provide their service according the following Code of Ethics.

EVEN AS I was made in the image and likeness of the Great One, so also was every person whose life I may touch. I respect the divinity inherent in all living forms.

EVEN AS the dignity of life is precious to me, so also is it to others. I will not physically, emotionally, or in any other way abuse those who place their trust in me. I am open to hear both favorable and unfavorable comments about the quality of my service.

EVEN AS the all-wise Great Spirit has been patient and generous with me in my processes of maturing in stature and nobility, so also am I patient and generous with others. I do not give undue weight to distortion I may perceive around me.

EVEN AS the nature of the Great One is characterized by truth and life, so it is with me. I am both truthful and encouraging in my relationship to others.

EVEN AS the divine qualities and characteristics of the Great One within have inspired me to the highest and best that I know, so shall my inspiration to others be based in the highest and best that I know. To the best of my ability, I will make certain my motives are clear and honest in all my interactions.

EVEN AS the Great Spirit has bountifully provided for me without imposing upon me, so also do I give of myself without imposition. I do not offer counsel or action beyond the boundaries established by this Code, the level of interest in my services, or the law of the land.

EVEN AS I recognize that the destructive spirits of shame, fear, hate, and greed bring division between people, so also do I recognize the unifying power of creative spirits. I know that purity of heart removes shame, love dispels fear, the understanding of truth clears hatred always, and the expression of a generous spirit banishes greed. I welcome these healing qualities into my work.

EVEN AS personal purpose cannot be realized except through fulfillment of the whole, so also are the purposes of the Great Spirit realized through my consistent expression of wholeness. I respect and exemplify the Great One's design in all of my living.