My Background

I have been studying different forms of wellness therapies since 1984. Initially I focused on essence therapies such as herbs, essential oils, flower essences and homeopathics. I gradually became interested in energy therapies and began to study Reiki, Attunement and Craniosacral Therapy. I have been studying Attunement intensively since 1994. I began a part-time public practice offering wellness therapies in 1996.

I am an Attunement Master, Reiki Master and Craniosacral Therapist. I enjoy playing Tai Chi, reading, being close to the earth, human and animal friendships, and sharing Attunements. I participate in daily vibrational healing work as a part of a team of Attunement Practitioners.

The Nature of “A Place of Stillness”

In our work together I do not diagnose or prescribe. I work from a place of stillness that exists deep within each of us – to bring you balance, to renew and deepen your connection with Source, and to increase the quality of the life force that flows through you. What I promise you as a client is confidentiality, commitment, integrity, and that I will always have your best interest as my priority. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.

Credentials and Affiliations

Attunement Master (2008) – with Chris and Donna Jorgensen
Usui Reiki Master Teacher (1999) – with Chris Jorgensen
Long Distance Attunement (ongoing) – with Joseph Antell
Attunement Intensive (2001) – with Roger deWinton

Ordained Minister (2010) - Universal Ministries

Nutrition, Stress Management and Attunement – with Larry Johansen, MS
Advanced CranioSacral Therapist (2001) – Massage Therapy Training Institute, Kansas City
Medical Herbalism (
1997) – with Mary L. Conley, MNH, N.D.
Crystal Healing (2002) – with Debra Baker
Tai Chi & Qigong (
2000) – with Bill Douglas

Board of Directors – International Association of Attunement Practitioners
Member – International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine
Member – Tai Chi Kansas City

" Healing is actually a worldview, a cosmology. For a healer, the world is not broken and in need of fixing, the world is hidden. Everything and everyone has in themselves a hidden wholeness, a potential for growth, a dream of themselves. A healer reminds people. A healer befriends dreams. A healer is a feeder of dreams.

~Rachel Remen, M.D.