Sacred Dialogue

Sacred Dialogue Conversation in the Attunement Current

Attunement is a concept that describes a state of being, a spiritual discipline and a way of bringing balance with a radiant current of blessing. This radiant current results from “letting love radiate” while maintaining a clear consciousness of identity in the Creator. The concept of sacred dialogue exists within the consciousness of Attunement. When the sacred is maintained as the focus of a conversation, the creative process that unfolds can be healing on many levels. This type of conversation is unique and includes deep listening, emotional & energetic clearing at a vibrational level, being held in a current of loving blessing, and sharing insights that may arise from that sacred current.

Although I have training in multiple forms of energy therapy, my primary training is in Attunement. I am not a trained therapist, and these conversations are not therapy. Sacred Dialogue is an aspect of Attunement spiritual practice designed to focus (and re-focus) your consciousness of identity in the creator Being that you are. In the process we will discuss some of the foundational principles of Attunement. In order for you to feel safe participating in these sessions I promise you absolute confidentiality, commitment, and non-judgement. And, if a conversation moves into areas that require a trained clinical therapist or other medical professional, there are several I can highly recommend. Although all three are designed to restore balance, spiritual work, clinical therapy, and medical treatment each address different aspects of that balance.

During a session you will receive both vibrational Attunement surround (via my conscious radiation) and Attunement teachings. As you speak of events in your life (both current and past) you will notice that most of them carry a strong emotional or mental energy. As we talk, the focus will begin to shift from a human ego-based perspective to the perspective of Being and the right use of our human capacities. Our capacities of mind, feeling realm and physical body are not who we are, even though we mostly (and unconsciously) identify with them in that way. Sacred dialogue will help your awareness of yourself as a spiritual being begin to unfold and permeate your life. New perceptions, perspectives and insights may arise. Sessions may include short meditations and breath work.

Sacred Dialogue is not limited to our sessions. The more you participate in this process the more it becomes a part of your way of being in the world, and the default way in which you engage with others. The tone of your life begins to change as you become more consistently conscious of yourself as the divine Being that has created and sustains your human form rather than as the human form itself.

Here then is the basis for Sacred Dialogue, and in fact for Attunement itself. It is also the basis on which we may live our lives keenly aware of who we are, what we are about, and what we are here for. These words were written by Attunement Master/Teacher Chris Jorgensen and are part of the foundation of his Attunement teaching over more than 40 years.

" I Am.

I have a body, but I am not my body. My body is an instrument of physical action and experience on earth, but it is not who I am. I am capable of using my body rightly to serve my true purpose in any moment, whether it is sick, well, lethargic, ecstatic. I have a body, but I am not my body.

I have a mind, but I am not my mind. My mind is an instrument of thought, creativity, and expression, but it is not who I am. Sometimes my mind is cloudy, confused, disorderly; sometimes clear, accurate, and directing the flow of my thought to serve my highest vision in any moment. I have thoughts, I have a mind, but I am not my mind.

I have a feeling realm, but I am not my feelings. My feelings are instruments of perception, connection, and expression, but these feelings are not who I am. Sometimes I experience a wave of emotion, anger, or futility; sometimes I experience currents of joy or contentment. I am capable of observing my feelings and using them as a means of perception and connection with the world for which I am responsible. I am also capable of directing my feelings so that they serve as a channel for divine expression in any moment. I have feelings, I have emotions, but I am not my emotions.

I am the one who observes my body, my mind, my feelings. I am a true Self, a Creator, capable of using all of my capacities for the revelation of my creative expression here and now. All the essences of the divine state are potential in me. I am a transcendent being characterized by Love, Truth, and Life. As I know and express my real nature on earth, I serve the highest purposes of heaven and fulfill the destiny of all humanity. - Chris Jorgensen