Classes & Workshops

Attunement Workshops and Classes are offered at various times in the Kansas City and New England areas. You may contact me for more information. Chris Jorgensen’s books on Attunement are available here. Andrew Shier’s book on Attunement is available here. 

Attunement Workshop Level 1

In this 2-3 hour session you will learn some of the foundational principles of Attunement, experience the transformational energy of “love made visible”, and learn techniques for Self awareness, stress reduction and healing. The session will include both dialogue and “hands-on” experiential time.

Attunement Workshop Level 2

The level 1 workshop or equivalent Attunement experience is a prerequisite for this workshop.

In this 2-3 hour session we will review the Attunement principles from the Level 1 Workshop and practice various hands-on Attunement techniques that will allow you to deepen your Attunement perception and build confidence in your ability to share Attunement with others. As in Level 1, our session will include both dialogue and “hands-on” experiential time, but there will be much more “hands-on” work in this session. 

The Attunement Initiation

The Attunement Initiation Seminar is a hands-on introduction to Attunement and the Attunement process utilizing the workbook, Attunement: The Energy of Being, by Chris Jorgensen. This seminar is also a pre-requisite for future more in-depth Attunement Courses. The day will include presentation and experience of the following topics:

Consciousness of True Identity
Union with the Creator
Life patterns and how to balance them
The endocrine system and its unique part in the Attunement Process
Pneumaplasm – our energy body and it’s purpose
Attunement techniques and history

Attunement Practitioner’s Training Course

This class meets for 4 weekends over a period of 3-4 months. Instruction includes an in-depth consideration of the Attunement process, Attunement techniques, and the spiritual underpinnings of Attunement. The format includes video presentations, dialogue and hands-on Attunement work, and is based on the 300 page workbook, Attunement: Love Made Visible, by Chris Jorgensen. The course includes include presentation and experience of the following topics:

Five principles of energy
Understanding the spirit, heart, mind, body connection
Thymus-heart perception
Attunement history
Intent and focus
Identity in the Creator
The One Law & alignment of human being
Human anatomy
Pneumaplasm – what it is and how it works
Chakra system
Endocrine system
Seven spirits
Personal rhythms
Spiritual rhythms and cycles in Attunement
The creative process – how to create and dis-create
The healing cycle
Forgiveness, prayer and healing words
The creative process and healing cycles
Spiritual control patterns
Right use of heart/feeling realm
Cycles of human development – body, mind, heart
Use of pressure patterns
Pregnancy and birth
Hospitals, surgery and other health practitioners
Terminal illness and disease
Death and dying
Creating a public practice
Attunement Practitioner’s Code
Music and breathing
Spiritual psychiatry

Each weekend will include hands-on practice of various Attunement techniques.